HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!  I will start by saying that Baby Nicholas has been is a great mood and playful - AMEN. So it was a complete bummer when last weeks lab (on Thursday) showed that he dropped across the board. His ANC went from 1800 to 700 just in 5 short days of cycle 3 of oral chemo. His platelets went from 185- 104 and his Hgb (red blood) from 11.4 - 10.8.  We knew to expect him to drop but not this much.  WIth Nick ( my husband) being sick all week - he seemed to have passed that along to Baby Nicholas. It's always scary when their counts are low because he has no immune system to attack any infection or viruses. So on Friday being the crazy Mother I am, I called St Jude and requested that they allow a repeat blood check on Monday (Today). They allowed it so we awaited those results for 3 hours today. When our nurse Sue called, she told me his platelets were 135  and he ANC was 1900. What a total shock! WOW cycle 3's chemos are suppose to drop him - so what a blessing these labs were. He sounded horrible last night, congested, coughing and sneezing.  Please pray he kicks this cold without fever, because fever could land us in the hospital for a minimum stay of 3 days.  (We dread having to stay at the hospital again for any reason) St Jude called and told us is potassium was low and we neeeded to start a supplement right now. Recheck is labs Thursday ... ahhh one week away till be at back in Memphis at St Jude for scans.

To the left is a photo of a very special gift I got this week from one of my husbands friends he has known from childhood. She created this heart with hints of gray (Gray is the Brain Tumor Awareness Color) when this piece is placed against skin, it looks gold and gray. (Gold is the Childhood Cancer Awareness Color) Allison - thank you so very much this is precious to me and you are extremely talented.

This weekend a friend I grew up with, Shannon Schmalzried asked us if they could raise money for St Jude in Honor of Baby Nicholas and to try to reach our goal.  We are honored that Bayside chose our Boy, and we are so sad that we physically can not be there because he is too sick and his counts are too low. If you can't make it, please just go to the right of the page and donate to jude from our Honor Page. For those of you whom have donated - I can not ever thank you enough -honestly. To everyone that has contributed by donating your time to the event   - we thank you sincerely. If you can't contribute - pray, pray and pray some more .. pray for a CURE - pray for our little boy please.

We have had a few problems with Our St. Jude page updating on our site, we think that is it fixed. I wanted to share with you what one of my dearest friends wrote on Baby Nicholas' St Jude Tribute page.... The ring to the left she sent me in December and she didn't even realize that this exact verse from the bible is on our website. The front says Faith, inside the ring it says we walk by faith, not by sight.I love this bible verse. Thank you Dana ... I know your always thinking of me and praying for my son.... I love you.
Noah and Luke
Tue, Feb 01, 2011
Today, I wanted my mommy to buy me another Lego set. She said "No, our money can be better spent." I wanted another Webkinz, my 21st, but Mommy said "No, our money can be better spent." Mommy wants a new kitchen - our countertops are yellow and the microwave won't pop popcorn without burning it but mommy said "No, our money can be better spent."

I have $5.00 in my pocket and I love looking through the clearance aisle at Walmart but I am the mommy and I know, our money can be better spent.

This is for baby Mason and every other child who has lost their fight. Cancer doesn't have a cure. But something good will come out of this. One life will be saved because we chose to use our money "better spent." I pray today that each of us consciously makes a decision to think before we serve our own wants and instead looks outside ourselves and considers the needs around us.

The act of giving is an act of life. Selfish living is really an indication of the poverty of our souls. More people refuse to give because of inadequate spiritual resources than because of inadequate material resources. Your money has life in it!! If you use it for God, it spreads and grows and brings dead souls to life.