Today started with a phone call with Nicole, we talk everyday. She said to me, will there ever be a day that the significance of a date will not bring back so much pain.  That question was confirmed today when I looked at the calendar and realized it was the 22nd, Februrary 22 is My Mom, Nicks Father, and My Aunt Nan all share a Birthday, April 22, 2010 I lost my grandmother whom I miss so very very much.... 16 months ago, Sept 22 2010 I gave birth to my precious boy, and 7 months ago, May 22,2010  I received the worst news of my life .... I remember every date of every milestone since then ... I remember the dates of each child that has been taken away from their family this past year from cancer. I read a post this morning from a sister of a little girl named Mary who passed away at the age of 4,  4 years ago today. That letter can be found here, if you would like to read it.I just don't think those dates go away.... they are reminders of God's grace, mercy and to remind us that He is in control no matter what.

Speaking of dates, we have our next MRI date, February 24, 2011.... the anticipation of scans and the anxiety is frustrating and overwhelming ... please pray that his scan is N.E.D. ( no evidence of disease) and that no damage was created from the radiation.  We know God's Hands are All Over It!!!

This week started off with Baby Nicholas being fussy and having no appetite, but that lasted 2 days and he is back to running around and eating again. He has 2 more weeks of this 2nd cycle of oral chemo to complete. His weekly nurse visit was Thurday and his ANC is 1250 and hgb (red blood) 11.3 and his platelets are 180. Everything is going up which is awesome!!! However, since strep throat is going around we still are stuck indoors everyday. We also took him to a local ENT specialist and well, it was funny because there equipment is so out of date and I guess we are so spoiled at St Jude where they have state-of-the-art equipment.  They placed us in some 1970's sound box to see if he could hear, and at St. Jude they do ABR hearing tests where he is sedated and electrodes are places across his head and in his ear canals to measure pressure and sound response to the brain. Needless to say we will be waiting till we go to Jude for tests after that unless he seems like he really needs an ENT here. Below is Baby Nicholas Drumming away on Guitar Hero. LOL

We got great news from friends at St. Jude this week ... Megan P. and Colin T. scans were both great ... AMEN to that! Though we have friend we have never met on this protocol, please pray for Belle M. that her scan this week is great and there's another little one that I have been following for a while now, her name is Mauve and she's a little doll.  She had a bad scan and has relapsed.  We ask that you please pray for her that they will find the right treatment for her.  We also ask that you pray for Baby Mason ... he's not able to swallow now and he needs extra prayers, especially his family for strength.  I ask that you please continue to keep the Lividini family and the Bailey Family in your prayers.

I will leave you with this today, Maggie Cupit (she's in our friends we follow/ st jude links)  posted this :::

In my girl scout troop, we used to stand in a circle at every meeting. Our hands clasped and our faces lit up with smiles and friendship, we would sing the words, "Make new friends, but keep the old. Some are silver and the others gold." I can't say that at that point I fully knew the meaning in those words, but I can say that I'm getting closer to understanding it every day I am here.

There were words she spoke personally in between about someone she found during this journey of fighting cancer herself ... and ended like this,

Leslie is a new friend, a golden friend, a gift from the universe. But making new friends doesn't undermine the ones I already have, the ones that have been with me through this whole experience, the ones I have known my whole life. It only makes them more meaningful.

We have met many Leslie's during our journey .... and thank you God for each and every family we have known and have had the opportunity to love ... but that doesn't mean that the people that have backed us from the moment we met aren't in our hearts always.... it just means that these new friendships are a blessing in the midst of terror, we truly understand each others pain and fear.

Dear Lord,

Each day you give us is a blessing ... I watch my boy running around the house ripping open every cuboard and I thank you for it! It is a joy to have to put everything away every single time.... because he's here ... he's doing so well and we are just so grateful.  Please give us peace with this upcoming scan and keep him cancer free always...

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