I planned on updating yesterday, but yesterday was just too difficult for me. At 11:25am my husbands best friends daughter Kendal went to be with Jesus. She fought AML Leukemia a very aggressive cancer for the last 8 months. She just turned 17 on the 30th of December. I can barely think straight right now. So many people think that cancer is rare in children when its the number 1 killer for children under the age of 20. I am devastated to watch yet another child die to these disgusting diseases. We need CURES people ... please get involved somehow - donate, contribute something even if its time raising awareness. Kendal was a beautiful girl so full of life and love. Her family adored her. She truly touched so many people and the love she has passed on will forever be remembered by everyone she touched. Kendal, we mourn you and miss you, may you live forever in a place that cancer can never hurt you again. (This photo to the right is of Kendal)

I place this video I pray you watch with an open heart and mind ..... it is special because Baby Wade is in this twice and I sadly say I know more and more of these faces personally now - each one has changed my life.

It's been a long week. We had our first full exam at our Pediatricians office Monday. We went to Beaumonts, Rose Cancer Center Tuesday for Baby Nicholas' pentamidine infusion and the order was screwed up so we were there from 9:30am till 2:30pm. He had the worst reaction to it because his Zofran (anti-nausea meds) were wearing off. He was uncontrollably miserable and I felt helpless. We stayed an extra hour to observe him since he's never been like that before. The rest of the week he has been playing, laughing and just walking everywhere and trying to get into everything. He's eating well, his newest foods include pizza, his Daddy's amazing spaghetti, baked Mac & Cheese, and munchos chips. lol it's funny how he now wants to try everything we eat. His ANC was 900 on Tuesday Hgb 10.3 and his platelets were 165 so everything looks great giving him 2 more days before he started his new chemo. Friday, (yesterday) we started Erlotinib, cycle 2 of his oral chemo. We had to go to the Pediatricians office to be observed doing this in case he had a reaction. No reaction and so we are now into our 2nd cycle.

I am asking you to please say extra prayers for Kendal's family today (The Lividini Family) and I ask that you please pray for Ryken and Mason. With asking that, I mean please don't just say you will. Stop right now, close your eyes for just a simple moment and pray for them. I ask that you continue to pray for Baby Nicholas, that God never allows cancer to ever harm him again. I ask that you please pray that researchers find cures, because my heart is so tired of watching so many children dying around me.

This sweater Nick is wearing, my Mom made and it says "God's Has His Hands All Over This!" God may you continue to keep your hands our Baby Nicholas.