When this journey first started at the PICU - my Pastor (Pastor Jaime) said to me, "save his bracelets and placed them in a jar, so that one day you can show him what he went through and overcame." Since that day I saved all the bracelets I could, this picture does no justice to the profoundness that this image shows. It is the first year of my son's life, each one represents, type and holds for transfusions, chemo drugs, inpatient, clinic checks, surgery dates, radiation and of course the day he was born. I didn't count them because I am sure that a few were taken off by nurses when we would switch locations and so I held on to as many as I could - I can't say they will fit in a jar this table is 5 feet long, but an extra large vase will be placed in his room as a reminder of how strong he has had to be. Not by choice, but because this path way chosen for him and with each bracelet how many tears I cried for him having to endure this journey.

I am going to start posting once a week now that we are home and doing oral chemo and of course I will post if anything important happens, but now I want to just try to get into a "new" normal life. The teddy bear to the left is a gift from Trudy and Bob and it means so much because the proceeds go to St Jude. You can find these precious bears at JB Robinson's Jewelers at 12 Oaks Mall - Or if this holiday season you want to donate to St. Jude on behalf of our boy PLEASE CLICK HERE it goes directly to St. Jude in honor of Baby Nicholas. It costs 700.00 a day for one day of treatment for each child to receive chemo ... please people this year - donate and give up starbucks just once $5 or $10 it doesn't matter - please consider donating.

Aside from all that it's amazing to be home with my boys, Christian is just getting so big and I am so thankful to be home with him ... man I missed him so much and my hubby too - though I was lucky enough to see Nick a little more during radiation.

Please say a prayer for our boy, that this cancer never returns and that the next 6 months of oral chemo aren't too difficult for him. Thank you all for supporting us and following us ... like I said we are moving to weekly updates now!!!

To our God, without you we couldn't have gotten through and to our family and friends and all those praying .... thank you and please continue to. We love you all.