Day 29 of Proton ...complete! waiting for results from friends and Christian S. got clear scans and test yesterday! Thank you Lord ... holding out for my other 2 friends ...tomorrow Nicholas has surgery to remove one for his fiducials (screws) and I just hope is all goes smoothly ... we also FINISH treatment here ... my heart has mixed feelings on this since we had so many issues down here with our plan changing and our doctor that initial was assigned to us just was never straight with us. Glad to put this chapter to bed but still scared it was not done properly. A lingering comment comes from that conference call where I asked Dr. Merchant if the tumor bed was compromised.... he told me it was never compromised ..... which I have fixated on for the last 4 weeks if it wasn't compromised what was .... in my opinion .... good tissue was .. for 25% of his treatment and that's just terrifying because he's so young. I wish I was at ease with this - but I am not. What happened it just unacceptable and I wouldn't wish this kind of medical treatment on anyone let alone a baby fighting cancer.