Dexter Lawrence Authentic Jersey  A year .....

I have tried so many times to update aside from dancing for our sweet boy, but the words fail me because the pain is beyond words. I finally wanted to post the video we used at his service, this has been the hardest year of our lives. I can't completely speak for Nick, but our family has greatly suffered his absence and we can't believe its been a year. I did have one last dance for him but I got hurt and just gaining it back, they are for him but I shared them with you all on facebook. Nicky was so hard, but worth everything we had and for that I know I can say that Nick and I both would have given ANYTHING to have our boy healthy and here. There are no answers and no reason why such a great loss should happen and its impacted us both in many ways. I will keep it short, everything is hard to celebrate when there is an empty seat to my left and our family is not earthly complete. It feels unjust, hard not to be jaded from what we have been robbed of and the twins that really will only know this amazing boy through us and his older brother..... tomorrow it will mark a year, many of you changed your profiles to remind us we are loved. THANK YOU. If you find yourself thinking of us tomorrow light a candle, send a photo online so our litttle boy can watch it glow....... our hearts remain forever broken ...... say a prayer we get through this please.

Thank you for always being there for us ....... with much love for all the support through this nightmare.....


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