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Just wanted to give a quick update - this is so emotionally draining its unreal and overwhelming. We want to endlessly thank everyone that has been non stop helping us and praying for us, we would be lost without everyone. It feels like our lives stopped on Feb 11, we are barely able to get out to get anything and have had to rely on many of you for pretty much everything. Nicky won't let us leave him and it's one of us he wants making work for Nick completely impossible. We have no clue of what day it is as it feels like and endless warp. We are now realizing we have no gauge over how long we will have our boy as he is one strong little fighter. We are weaning him from the steroids as it is not giving him quality time at all. We realize everyone has their own lives and they had stopped them to help, and we can't expect that if this is a longer haul. We are trying to find a solution to help with the babies, even rides for Christian to school and back because we have been unable to get him there a few times because Nicky won't let Nick leave. The hardest part is Nick not being able to work at all and it's bringing so much more stress on top of a very stressful time for us all.

Please pray God finds a way for this us to find a way to manage this, maybe we should hire someone to watch the babies at this point we just don't know what to do. Please keep sharing our sons story and please keep those profile photos of him up, they remind us how many people love and care about our family, our sweet boy.
Any suggestions or know someone that could help full time during this time please contact me ..... God bless


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