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Its is getting harder to watch him decline, yesterday was just unreal and heartbreaking, today morphine is now on the menu and for now its helping, but in my head I can't believe a 4 year old precious little boy is on morphine .... keep the prayers rolling in please, the mean time as I said below, watching his face of facebook as profiles light up and story continues through you all is so humbling, THANK YOU!  The Foundation, thank you to our dear friend Mr. Linnell the NICHOLAS ASHTON GEORGE FOUNDATION is established. Please again do not send flowers that will only remind me of the smell and fade but if you feel compelled by our boy and all he has endured, you can write make a donation now or when the time comes ..... I won't lie saying that makes me sick to my stomach, but if we don't get our miracle here - then his mission here is done and ours will carry on.

Nicholas Ashton George Foundation - Mission is to aid against these malicious toxic protocols and the doctors that KNOW LIVE TIME RESULTS keep repeating them and harming other children, this SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING TO MY BABY.

Nicholas Ashton George Foundation
2804 Orchard Lake Road Suite 203
Keego Harbor, MI 48320

AGAIN I WILL REPEAT - PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY DONATION IN MY SONS NAME TO ST JUDE, that would be a cruel reality after what has happened to my son. STILL AND ALWAYS IN GODS HANDS .....


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