Dexter Lawrence Authentic Jersey  December 9, 2010

So today is the day --- MRI was scheduled at 9:30am and LP (Lumbar Puncture) to follow. We picked up our boy from recovery and then the anxiety set in .... It's just so hard to sit through these tests knowing that our whole world could change in a single moment again and I pray diligently over our boy that God shield's him DAILY never allowing cancer of any kind to harm him - NEVER letting one single cell go wrong. I saw Dr. Wright pass me while waiting for Nicholas and she said everything looks fine we are awaiting the final preliminary results.

So back to E-clinic to wait and Dr. Boop came in to meet with us to just check Nicholas' fiducial (screw) site from last week that was removed in Jacksonville. All is fine with it.

Then what we were praying and waiting for - our amazing Doctor ... Dr. Wright came in and said everythings fine and for a moment we could breath again .. for a moment you see light and hope from this 7 month journey. I can pack my bag and know I will be in my own bed tomorrow. You learn to appreciate things that are so simple, yet we all take for granted. Part of me felt guilty seeing families I know that are going to be there through the holidays and how tough that will be - but for those families - please know you are always in my thought and only a call away!

We did ore first dose of oral chemo and Baby Nicholas did just fine with it. We needed to wait 30 minutes in E-clinic to make sure he has no reaction to it. So for the next 6 months he will be taking at home oral chemo. Please keep praying for him!

Dear Lord,

Thank you .... thank you will all my heart that I can take my son home and he is healthy .... thank you for the people you bring into my life and let me always be a messenger in this dark path for your glory to serve you and help them any way I can.


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