Dexter Lawrence Authentic Jersey  December 8, 2010

We started with Speech Therapy today and everything was fine except that he has an ABR and had to fast for it next and wasn't able to eat or show off the fact that he can swallow amazingly to our Speech Therapist Angie. She said he looked great and told us that we would see her in 3 months.

We stopped into E-clinic for Dr. Wright to give us her blessing before his MRI tomorrow and then off to the ABR (hearing test) - his results were STABLE.... nothing has changed and that is amazing news because the chemo drugs could have still effected his hearing and or the radiation could already have effected him. AMEN ...

Dear Lord,

Tomorrow is our biggest test here ... please God keep our boy safe and cancer free. We met a new family here just starting out this week - keep little Ashlyn in your prayers please. We also saw Eric B. and his Momma Christine needs prayers because the chemo they have been trying haven't worked. Please God give that family the treatment plan they need for their boy.


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