Dexter Lawrence Authentic Jersey  December 7, 2010

Our day started with registration and triage, labs and vitals and then off to a follow-up visit with Dr. Merchant. This meeting normally doesn't happen, however since we had issues in Jacksonville - he wanted to meet with us. I didn't hold back when he said I just wanted to touch base after everything. I told him I truly believe that after getting his letter that if the tumor bed was not an issue, then why the change and if it was not compromised then good tissue was. I told him I will never be comfortable with what happened and that I find it disgusting that Dr. Marcus met with me without seeing my son's scans etc. Dr. Merchant said the plans were in-measurable. I didn't want to start a fight or a debate, but everything in a 12 month old's brain is measurable in my opinion.

So we went to E-clinic and saw Dr. Dewire and Dr. Wright weird to be sitting in E-clinic again. Baby Nicholas and I were rockin our Baby Wade Gear for the day representing our boy! We love and miss you so very much Lil W!

Next stop was the Rehab Center with all the normal re-evaluations for his Speech, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. He hadn't napped so he was a little fussy but we managed to get threw the day.

So Occupational Therapy with Ashley went perfect and he is doing everything a normal 14 month old should be doing. She said he looked great and is on target. Thank you Lord. We were pretty confident in all his skills that they would tell us this in all his Therapies.

Our next appointment was with Physical Therapy and he once again got the same report - right on track! Praising God! Our Speech was moved to tomorrow.


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