Well last night Nicholas flirted with a fever in between 100.2 to 99.8 and so we were admitted. His ANC was at 0 so even though we had no fever by the time we got to the hospital - they still did cultures and inpatient we went.

So today, day 2 at 0 ANC. He also needed platelets and so he is getting transfused today. Other than that, he is acting fine - playing and active.

Dear Lord,

My heart breaks over these children here at St. Jude - I ask that you provide MIRACLES father. Please be with baby Mason right now God. We also ask you Lord to bless our platelet donor today. God, so many prayers surrounding children here - Lord I beg you for your perfect hands to encompass these children Lord. Watch over so many children, Wade, Mason, Ryken, David, Christian, Ryan, Rachel, Yeshaai, Ali, Maggie, Seth, Megan, Bree, Eric, John, Katie and Isiah my list goes on and on.