Nicholas is doing great and sleeping a little more than normal on chemo, it's a little harder on him this last round. his 23 hour levels were 75 which is the lowest they have been at this point. So hopefully he will stay on track with his next draw tomorrow morning. E clinic is filled today with people I know getting MRI's and I have such bad anxiety for children whom aren't even mine.

This afternoon at 3:02pm I got a text that sent me into a panic. It was from my dearest friend here Nicole. She told me that she needed me now and I honestly couldn't get there fast enough. Upon getting to the exam room when I opened the door and saw their tear filled eyes my heart stopped. The news they received is every parents worst nightmare here and we live MRI by MRI praying for mercy from God during these tests. She and her husband were told their son baby Wade's cancer progressed and had spread through his brain and spine. They were told that their was nothing else that can be done and that he has roughly a month. Nicole has become so dear to my heart, like a sister and we have shared this journey from the beginning together. We would talk for hours about this process, the unknown, our personal fears and our small triumphs in this journey. She and I have a special bond that no one but her and I would be able to comprehend or relate to. I followed her from the first day here and she was always a month ahead of me leading the way and our boys are a month apart in age. I am beyond heartbroken, I truly love this family and I love baby Wade. I watched my dear friend endure the most pain anyone could endure here and I can do nothing now but pray God gives them strength to get through this and be there for her as I know she would be there for me, that I have no doubt about. This bullet today couldn't have hit any closer to my heart other than my own son's battle.

I watched them with their car packed, I held my little man Wade and just for a moment I prayed and told God that he is property of Heaven Lord. I was blessed by my dear friend Carrie with oil and I was able to anoint Wade last week with it. I ask everyone to keep my friends and baby Wade in your prayers right now. The photo attached is of Baby Wade before diagnoses. He's truly so beautiful.

Precious Jesus,

I beg you to be with my dear friends and hold her hand when I can't physically be there to do so. Lord I will not question you, for you know what's best for us even when we suffer the most. It's not for us to understand why things happen - but for us to all follow your word so that we may enter the kingdom when you call us home. This life is just a moment in eternity and that we will all be together again. Lord grant them the courage to endure, the strength only your love provides. I ask you to encompass them with a peace that comes from only you Lord.