Hi all, well as you can imagine Mondays meeting with our doc paralyzed me - I guess you have to chalk it up to everything happens for a reason!

Last night my primary called and said no one is concerned with secondary growth or cancer at the brain tumor board meeting - it's simply radial changes that happen and can resolve ( I think I started breathing again).

The spine inflammation has been an issue since last May so we knew it may need to be addressed - so Today I spoke again with Dr Boop from neurosurgery and the syrinx surgery seems more of a gamble if it worked and it may need to be repeated multiple times - he talked about a 3rd ventricle ventriculostomy which may temporarily fix these issues or a shunt that indeed will resolve all the issues but that's a permanent thing - while we have avoided a shunt for almost 3 years - we are actually relieved that we have a solution and it will aid all issues - the best part is Nicky has no symptoms from inflammation and he is cancer free !!!This procedure is nothing like the syrinx surgery it is a one over night stay and released - it is the most common procedure a neurosurgeon does. He also said the other area is just radial changes. (whewwww again)

My doctor tossing guesses out to an educated momma was not appropriate until they knew especially with fatal guesses at that - I read the reports today and they only say subtle changes, more than likely radial changes - so far off from what we were told leaving Memphis devastated believing we had no chance - surely it has made us more grateful and even more humble than we already are - we will be making decisions tomorrow but this is not bad news !!!! It's just something that Nicky needs and we are totally ok with that! So pray for a quick recovery where ever we choose to do it at. ? thank you so much for your support prayers and love!

So let me share with you our little guy before MRI Monday ..... our tears have stopped God has showed us the power of prayer AGAIN ..... please continue to pray as we will scan in 8 weeks again.God IS Good All of the time ....