It all starts at check - in, but first I am in awe I am sitting at home today looking at the time and knowing I was suppose to be sitting in a waiting room after surgery or recovery with Nicky. GOD IS SOOOOO AMAZING.  .... don't you like knowing the ending to this update first though? (smile)  ... if you don't read below - MRI CLEAR ... Surgery CANCELLED!  I want to update you on the entire trip that we expected to stay for a week longer.

Nicky and I arrived on Thursday and checked in and scooted to the hospital to get accessed and a stop at the triage. It was the first time he was willing to get on the scale alone and do his height. I was so proud of him being such a big boy. We then have our first follow up visit at the endocrine clinic. The endocrinologist said the only reason we haven't met them yet is because everything with Nickys labs so far show that the treatment has not effected his growth. This is such a blessing.

3bday3They try so hard at Jude to make things welcoming this was our room while we waited for the doctor. We played while waiting but the wait was a little longer than Nicky liked so we walked - thats nothing new at Jude - never walked more in my life than that campus.

So his levels are all within normal ranges, his growth is all within normal ranges. The doctor said she would call with the newest labs but never did. I can only assume they were good!

So we finished the night off in normal Grizzle House fashion - Domino's pizza and the playground. this picture says it all - this kid is a happy boy!


3bday5He wasn't thrilled with the idea of having his port in his chest all night to I talked him into more playground action to keep his shirt on. The following day was the MRI and well - I wasn't the happiest person because Nick's flight was delayed, then canceled and then switched planes. I didn't know if he would make it or not and I just wanted my husband with me.

This photo is the morning of the MRI in the waiting room next to what I call the NEMO fish tank because every NEMO fish is in there. It is a distraction but not when you are waiting 2 hours. He wasn't happy and Momma ... yeah me too. But we finally got back there and got him in the normal MRI Tiger jammies.... he was being good for a while until we realized 45 more minutes of sitting in the same room. Crayons get boring quick.


So we got to hang out with Dr. B and I just love this man ... so kind and gentle and an Angel truly with sedating babies - he's just a gifted doctor! You can tell just by his gestures and how he holds them and interacts with them - he never forgets a child ..... one of Jude's greatest right here!



As you know the results have me just in awe today ..... thankful .... grateful ... humble .... thanking God .....

Nicky slept the whole flight there and the whole flight back ... couldn't have been easier to travel with. Still just so happy to be home, and I was so happy to walk into Brightmoor my church on Sunday! Just wish Nick could have came.

We only left with one thing we wished was a little better and that's his counts still not healthy enough to endure chancing him being in a school or around other kids. His ANC is 1600 and this is almost 2 yrs after proton and a year and a half after treatment. We will take our small issue and shut up!

So his Birthday we WALKED .... he turned 3 and we walked with so many on our hearts including our son. 3bday- we have yet to throw a party but did have cake privately for him and got him a few gifts to celebrate God giving us another year to be so grateful for.

He's finally exicted to open things so next year we will have one great big birthday for this little boy.


Oh how he loves CARS .... its awesome - such the little tom boy all the way. I want to tell you about the walk .... it was amazing and instead of posting a bunch of photos - here is the video. To my contributing donators I can never thank you enough .... my walkers - you inspire me because you walk without knowing this total impact but took the time off to be with us when that means the most to us and to our prayer warriors .... we need you to keep the faith - you inspire us too when we are weak. God is great ... God is Good ... God has a plan .... sometimes we just can't see it.... But this you can.... I loved that our Pastor put us over the $2000 mark and we had to rise the amount and raised it again and again .... Nicky was the 2nd place higest donations raisiing  $4,165.00and our team .... $5,665.00 total .... GOD BLESS EVERYONE THAT HELPED US ... HUMBLED is an UNDERSTATEMENT! If you can't see the video below click here ! VIDEO HERE