Its been summer .... we are enjoying the boys and Nick can not sit still, so Christian is always on the go with his Dad. Nonetheless, Nicky has been battling an ear infection for over 3 1/2 weeks in his left ear since the tube was removed. Endless weeks of meds is just no fun for him. He also caught a virus type cough among the 3 bacterias that he came up positive for from the ear culture. Its not easy trying to let him swim and yet he can have no water get in his ears. Thankfully his spirit hasn't been effected much by these both illnesses that could have taken away his energy.

We have still managed to stay out patient with no fevers or hospital stays! Thank you Lord. As mentioned over a month ago that Nicky would need an MRI to follow up with the inflammation in his spine on the last scan. After the run around from U of M it is scheduled for July 31st at 8am - we ask that you please pray this is gone, the idea of another procedure or surgery is just not something we want to think about. So please pray it is clear and we can rest until his next St Jude scan. I am a little nervous allowing anyone else to sedate him because St Jude spoils us and I hold him until he is asleep.

bay6We got up north for the 4th of july and we decided that we were going to release balloons for some of the children that we have lost to this fight .... This Yellow one was released for all the fighters - Nick is holding this and had the job of releasing them,

We are reminded every single day to thank God for just today. The news of Luca has my heart in pieces and I wrote about it in the post below, I just never emailed it out. Also, Tanner another child whom we have followed after 8 years cancer free has a radiation induced brain tumor that is lethal. Please pray for his family and for him. There are simply too many children to name off that are battling this disease again and again..... please pray for cures.


This is us on the 4th, we wore our American colors proudly. Nicky was not his normal restaurant friendly self so after 5 attempts we just ate in.  Glad to be home but then the power was in and out and then ... Poof! Gone .....I posted this on Facebook and I will post it here:::

We forget how very spoiled we are - when we have melt downs because our powers out and forget their are countries that don't have electricity at all. Or air conditioning - wow thats a big one in the last 24 hours when it was 101 yesterday and no air while we slept so uncomfortable while so many have never had none.... Its much like how a cancer parent sees our worlds ---- for those of you unaffected please be grateful you are so blessed because someone would give anything to have that blessing, likewise be mindful for those without the things so many take for granted ... blessing you rarely pay attention to because we have evolved into a spoiled society that takes too much for granted ... electric is back on ... air is fighting to climb back to 69 degrees ..... praying for CURES ... ?


bay4My point with posting it again here is - don't sweat the small stuff .... and remember almost everything is small stuff..... smile - thank God when you wake up that we live in a country that gives us freedom and we are capable of everything we dream if we just try and work hard for it .... not everything is in our control though and so we leave the rest in Gods just for today Lord .... thank you for the "GIFTS" we hold .....

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for moments and love and laughter .... I do not take for granted tomorrow and all that it may bring - I just am so grateful for right now being able to hold my boy .... please watch over Luca and his family hold them tightly and Tanners family as well ..... it is a brutal reminder that we must keep fighting for CURES ..... please donate or walk with us on Nicky's 3rd Birthday September 22, 2012 The link is below please consider donating or walking ..... this is the only time we are asking our friends and family to honor not only our son's journey but so many still fighting and the ones we have lost ..... God Bless you all .... NickyBears Momma ....