So first things first! MRI is NED ..... (No Evidence of Disease!!!!) We were able to meet with our primary Dr. Wright and see the scans from the last scan and from this one and everything looks good! There was a concern of fluid what they call myelitis which is inflammation and more than likely because of a very bad ear infection that he was fighting for 2 weeks prior to coming down. We had just stopped the antibiotics about a week ago after 2 weeks of being on them. His counts also were low at 1600 ANC we were really hoping these numbers would be higher, but possibly the ear infection has still kept them low.

Our Doctor is going into her weekly Brain Tumor Board meeting and will discuss Nickys scan and infection with him. They may want to rescan him in 8 weeks which we could do locally and not have to fly to Jude but we are really hoping that our Neurosurgeon will not find it neccessary and give us our first 4 month break from scans. We are suppose to move to 4 month scans this time. She is suppose to call later and let us know how they feel about this. So tomorrow he will have endocrine labs and his ABR ( hearing test ) and an LP ( lumbar puntcure ) - we will have another visit after that and we will update when we know more ....

Thank you for your continued prayer and please while thanking God for keeping NickyBear cancer free, please pray this inflammation goes away and pray for Baby David P. and Ryan D. both scanning tomorrow.