Breathing with the good news yesterday and the MRI being NED (NO Evidence of Disease) which some call stable or clear. His Doc emailed me while waiting to get on the plane that his CSF (Cranial Spinal Fluid) was clear. She let us off the hook from anymore infusions ... so relieved!!!! Thanking God today and everyday .... I wanted to share this pic with you after NickyBears MRI and we reviewed the scans he decided to grab Dr. Wrights hand and just drag her around, everyone that knows him knows that you can't say HI without him screaming because of stranger anxiety so this moment was priceless and I am so glad my camera was there! This moment was too cute not to share!

So this was our quickest trip to date at Jude arriving at 8:30am and going straight to the Grizzle House. Upon finishing our first day I saw a man entering the elevator and he had big rubbermaid tubs and so I said to him,"Looks like your moving in..." His reply was, "yeah for the next 4 months..." immediately I knew this child was more than likely on my protocol. So I ask, "under 3? " and he said, "yes 1" ..... His daughter was diagnosed with the same type of cancer as Baby Nicholas and the next day was their first day there. I always seem to find a *new family* and it always gives me great comfort to give comfort to those that are just entering this journey. Lord knows I wish and pray no one had to enter this world of pain ... but if I can just help ease someone's stress a little .... share our journey - than all the typing I do here on this blog is so extremely worth the effort.

I ask you to pray for a few new friends, her name is Willa Rose and we also met Lanie Watkins and Kade Watson ..... all need extra prayers right now.

grbearBaby Nicholas' health is that of a healthy 23 month old little boy and has his temper because we spoil him so much ... but he is a picture of health and to us that is a blessing. Every time we enter Jude we are quickly reminded of how much worse our lives COULD have been and we pray be NEVER have to go down that path EVER again. But going there humbles you all over again, it makes you greatful for so many things even in three months you start to take for granted again. Hearing a child's raspy voice ... I remember not hearing my son for months and praying to God to please heal his vocal cords. Or seeing the endless bald babies and children .... its tough that WAS us!

We were able to go and hang out with Arianna's family and I got to really spend some time with Leticia, Arianna's Mommy ..... I ask you all to pray so hard for Arianna she scans Monday and Lord ..... this little girl needs you NOW please please touch her whole body with your healing hands! Another request for David P. and Aaron B. .... I can't keep up with so many Kids! We also got to met sweet precious Ivee and he Momma Hope ... so glad I got to hug them! Please also pray for Bray and Ivee....

We didn't get to do everything we wanted to do this summer, but over all we had a great summer and we look forward to fall. We did get one trip in to Bay Harbor and we are going to try to sneak that in next weekend before Christian starts 5th grade  .... (wow time flies) He was able to go to an indoor waterpark with his best buddies while we were at Jude.