Our week off from chemo was great, and with that came our weekly labs ANC 1200 hgb (red blood) 10.8 and platelets 155. We had our monthly hospital infusions a Rose Cancer Center at Beaumont Hospital. We also had our monthly pediatric appointment. Nothing to report thank God! Thursday our fedex package came holding in this box our last round, cycle 6 of oral chemo that was started Saturday May 28, 2011. Mixed emotions starring at that box .... we are 28 days away from NO MO CHEMO!!! That's slang used at St Jude with the kids. Its exciting to be done, but its scary to feel like we are doing nothing soon.

The first week on this wasn't too bad, and I apologize for not updating sooner. This is a stressful time of year for me, a year ago is when Nicholas starting showing symptoms and I seem to find myself replaying everything leading up to May 22, his diagnoses date. It's emotional.  To top it off, out of all the holidays of the year ... Mother's Day and the idea of so many AMAZING Mothers I have met, loved and call my friends lost their children this year to cancer. Not only did some lose a child, some lost their only child. I can't help but mourn for them, I wish I could just focus on me... but God just created me to wear my heart on my sleeve and I can't help but hurt for them.

Christian picked out some beautiful flowers for me from him and his brother.... he made homemade cards for me from him and his brother lol - too cute.

Baby Nicholas has finally gained some solid weight and hes eating great. He loves it outside so much and chasing the bubble maker machine daddy totes around the lawn.

He's active and loves to play hard and cuddle! His new favorite movie - TANGLED lol when they show the glowing lanterns for some reason he goes nuts. Though nothing will replace his all time favorite Toy Story 2.

I just want to take the time to thank each and everyone of you that for the month of May have changed your profile pictures on facebook to promote brain tumor awareness. It means so much to us and that small gesture makes these diseases known and they are so desparately under funded. As great as American Cancer Society is, they only donate .03cents to every dollar they donate to breast cancer.  So while each adult cancer is all funded more money that ALL CHILDREN CANCERS COMBINED .... please if you are donating for the children make it St Jude.

Please cut and paste this link and add it to your facebook page as a comment.  


Or  http://www.project467.org/

If you don't watch Celebrity Apprentice, please watch the next 2 episodes, John Rich is playing for St. Jude and who knows maybe my video of all the babies might pop in there.... I gave him the rights to use it to promote the song he wrote and all 42 parents did also.

So Last Thursdays labs were ANC 1410 hgb (red blood) 11.0 platelets 156 .... Please pray for our upcoming scan May 25, 2011. We need all the prayers we can get for a clean scan ....

Dear Lord,

Please watch over our boy ..... keep him healthy, safe and happy .... please Father never allow cancer to ever harm him again. Please watch over all the children fighting these diseases and heal their bodies. Please be with the families that have lost children this Mother's Day and comfort them like only YOU can. You are the creator of ALL things ... Lord please give researchers CURES .... and Father thank you for Little Davids scan last week being NED. (NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE)

I will leave you with a funny pic of my boys ...