Huron Valley HospitalSorry for the delay, I know some of you were waiting to hear about Friday's procedure.  Everything went just fine.  For those of you whom don't know what I am talking about Baby Nicholas had tubes placed in his ears at Huron Valley Hospital Friday Morning, (The 11th) due to chronic negative pressure in his ears for months now. We were about 2 hours delayed due to labs the day before not being processed properly. He woke up fine, just a little loopy. This was his 8th surgical procedure and he's just 17 months old. Pretty crazy ... it's his 52nd time being sedatedin less than 9 months - Can you imagine that?

Sleepy GasWe had our weekly labs re-drawn at the hospital on Friday. His ANC 910 and his platelets at 146 and hgb 10.8 everything is going up as it should. This chemo he is on (erlotnib) is just not fun. It upsets his tummy, though he's eating great and he is fussy on this and restless when sleeping, overall we just do not like this drug! 

We are so greatful for all the progress he is making! We feel truly blessed to watch him running around with drums sticks smacking everything in sight. A typical day now, you will find him in the pantry pulling everything off the shelf and handing it to you even though he doesn't want it - he doesn't want baby food anymore and wants whatever his brothers got lol.  He is more willing to try anything and if he doesn't like it expect it back out in less than  1 second.

St Jude Kick-a-thon

St Jude 1000 kicksThe St Jude Kick-a-Thon was yesterday (the 12th) and Christian and Nick both finished the 1000 kicks for Jude. I am so proud of our 9 year old that he not only finished, but also raised the most money. (Thanks to our amazing friends, whom have repeatedly stepped up when we have asked, we are so very grateful) We raised $850.00 of the $2500.00 plus that was made from this event! Go Christian!

During the week St Jude had a radiothon in the U.P. of Michigan and asked me to speak about why a hospital in Memphis Tenneesee needs donations. It's pretty simple, without St Jude, children under the age of 3 that are diagnosed with rare cancer can not in the state of Michigan recieve life saving treatment plans. It is illegal in our state to radiate a child under three because they do not have the technology to do Proton radiation here.  So for us, St Jude offered a curvative and more Hope in their treatment plan for our boy than ANYONE else in the country could. Yesterday I looked at video from November seeing my son bald and trying to stand up and today .... He's got a head full of hair and is running..... this would not be possible if God did not lead the way to St Jude for us. During on time at St Jude, your eyes are exposed to the sickest children in the country and some in the world that seek help, NO ONE IS EVER TURNED AWAY ... imagine that! They know taking on each case knowing the outcome for some and STILL they try everything to save them.  What an amazing place and I hope through our eyes you understand that cancer strikes anyone at any point - no one is safe from it and places like St Jude are there doing all they can. 

My Boys Please pray for Japan, I have been glued to the TV watching a country be ravaged and it's so painful to see the video of the waves sweeping everything up in sight .... remember we are not safe from anything and no one but God knows what tomorrow will bring ... pray for the people, for all the souls lost, for the children, that aid will come in time with water, food and shelter.

Please always pray for our boy ... and all the other children .... pray for CURES. Also Thanking God For Little Matilda's (under ependy friends) STABLE SCAN,.... please pray for Belle M. scan that she get great results today and also Angel C. Both on our protocol.

God Bless you all.....