Well Baby Nicholas and I are settled back in Jacksonville for the next 6-7weeks. Today he had his first appointment at 10:45am. This first appointment is longer than most because it is the first time setting him up so we were there till about 1:30pm. He got his weekly labs and we will know tomorrow what his ANC is. He woke right up after his treatment, most kids sleep for a little while but I told the anesthesiologist that he wakes up easy and they didn't believe me until they saw it. She told me as soon as they moved him they needed to give him a little more just to keep him sleeping until he got to recovery.

While sitting in the lobby waiting I met a man named Harold Stanfill, he asked me what I was reading and I told him it's "God's in the Tough Stuff," he said is it a Christian book? I said yes, he gave me the thumbs up. His friend to his left said, he's a preacher. The preacher then said, he's a banker and then points to his right and says he's a lawyer. Someone over my shoulder said, the good the bad and the ugly. I said it sounds like a joke, then after walking away it put into perspective that cancer attacks anyone. I told Harold I was coming to his church this Sunday.

Dear Lord,

Please keep our boy safe through these treatments. It's going to be tough for me to watch him get sedated in my arms every day so please Lord ... give me strength to handle all this. Please let these treatments be effective and never let cancer ever harm our little boy again. Through your precious Son, Jesus Christ I pray.