Baby Nicholas had his line pulled today and a port placed under his skin that they will be able to access it with numbing cream when they need to sedate him or he has labs done. We are so glad he will not have those cords hanging out of his chest, better yet - NO MORE LINE CHANGES. Wow these were messy, long and challenging and done every Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week since he got the line. So 4 months of that 20 minute routine that is no longer part of our day. We also had another ABR hearing test, but he had fluid behind his ear so it does slightly effect the read. I am not too concerned with this since they just did this test 3 weeks ago and it was stable. He had an issue with one of his fiducials bleeding but looks like everything is ok now.

We are getting on the road later and heading to Jacksonville!

Above is a Birthday present sent from Baby Nicholas' newly adopted into the family Auntie Nicole - the Ballew family sent for Baby Nicholas 1st Birthday - THANK YOU! He loved unwrapping it!!