So our ANC is 100 today and he's still spiking fevers without Tylenol so we have no clue when we are leaving. All cultures are not coming back with anything which is GREAT ... because it is nothing serious but it sure is keeping us stuck here right now and we just want to get out of here..... the doctors told us 24 hours without a temp and we can leave but that's not happening yet. Praying for his ANC to go up tomorrow!

The longer we are here, mentally the harder it is for us. It's tough being surrounded by sick children, they are hurting, sad, crying ... it emotionally drains you watching everything around you.

Oh and Nicholas has officially lost all his eye lashes from chemo. Crazy enough you can already see all of them budding to grow back.... it's crazy how eye lashes and his loss of eye brows changes the way he looks -- though he is our beautiful boy - it just is a crazy process.


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