Spent the day today with Christian, we went to the craft store to buy jars for each other and fill them up with messages to each other that we can read over the phone nightly. (Thank's Mom and Aunt Nan for the idea) We call them our JOY JARS. I hate that he is leaving tomorrow with Nick to go home and start school on Wednesday but I believe it is the best thing for Christian to provide some normalcy and allow him to be with his friends at school. We went back and forth on this decision, but we decided that his academic curriculum would be different if he moved him around and he needs that stability right now. So I will be missing him like crazy and Nick will be back here on Wednesday to finish up round 4's last few drugs of chemo later this week. So Nick will be doing a lot of flying in the next few months of weekends and I will see Christian every other weekend hopefully. We also hit the Toys R' Us Express at the mall and got lunch together. My Christian is such a sweet child, he knows I have been really sad and he told me, Mom I'm really gonna miss you. I'm going to miss him too, even he has made some serious sacrifices for his little brother.

When I got back, I saw a post on facebook that one of the first families I was following had relapsed after 2 years and 8 months of being tumor free. I ask that you not only pray for Baby Wade's family, but also for Alyssa(AKA Lyssie ) Righter as she goes in for surgery next week and for Rachel as she gets ready for radiation.

I ask you to to pray for Baby Nicholas' ANC count to be high enough to start chemo on Thursday this week so we can be done with this inpatient chemo process!


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