p>Ok short and quick update.... we were to leave this week to St Jude for scans on Jan 22, 2014 ...


However I emailed Nickys NO and asked if there was a way to do clearance the same day and told her our winter vortex left us down to one car, now none because even mine has an issue and that the ceiling leaking last week left us with crews in and out with plumbers and heating and cooling crews to follow. Thank you mother nature for this dish of FUN!

I also mentioned he finished HBOT on Dec 27, 2013 .... so her reply was let's wait a month?!? I was a little shocked we were scanning every 2 months and its been 4 now. I asked if she was comfortable with the wait and she said its standard to wait 6 or more weeks after HBOT.  Where was that memo? lol they knew we were completing HBOT but no one raised this point. I then called a close friend that has been down this path and she too said, I would wait, why worry yourself when it takes a few months for HBOT to start showing changes. Well that was enough for me to say OK ... you mean I dont have to be stressed right now? YESSSSSSS.....

We tried to schedule in Feb but she is gone until March 3, 2014 so March 5, 2014 is our new MRI date .... please still pray .... I will keep you updated once the actual itinerary is in my hands and its set. With that being said it's like a cruel joke that Nicky ALWAYS gets a bad ear infection right before we leave to St Jude.... well he's got one AGAIN and antibiotics it is - its like clock work to get one exactly a week before we should go.... HAAAAAA... not this time date changed ......


Heal our Nickys ear and keep continue to let HBOT heal his body .... thanks for the mini stress break and keep your hands on our love!


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