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Sorry for the delay, there were many calls with doctors and still no solid answers as to why these radial changes exist. Nicky remains a happy silly boy and for that we are grateful.

I know I told you I would not use this as a family blog, but while we were in the midst of possibly starting HBOT treatments 5 days a week 2 hrs a day for 8 weeks to help those changes...... God tossed us another surprise - On Monday Sept 9th at 10:30pm California time which is 1:30am Tuesday Sept 10th my phone was going off and Nick noticed it around 3:30am ..... the words "my water broke" from my dear friend who has been carrying our twins for us and the panic that I felt after not sleeping for weeks over Nickys scans - all I could think is this can not be happening shes only 33 1/2 weeks pregnant! Well it was happening and I packed the whole night and flew out that afternoon only to make it around 8pm out to Cali, then while trying to stall labor - apparently our daughter had her own escape agenda and we ended up in the OR for an emergency C-section and our Daughter was born on 9/11/2013 at 4:24am at 4lbs 2oz and her little brother, our 3rd Son came at 4:25am a minute apart and was 5lbs 2oz and they were tiny and well but needed time to grow .... I have been out here ever since and missing my family in the worst way .... finally Nick brought the boys and we finally were a family of 6! Gods timing keeping me away from mainly Nicky left me a wreck but hes been so sweet to the babies and kisses their heads and says I love you since I love them isn't something hes use to saying yet lol.  There is so much to tell .... but I just needed to tell you to pray we come home early - Nick and I are tired of hospital living and boy has our family done a lot of that!

I will update more on Nicky with the treatments and yes with photos when I can I just can't from a lobby computer! Thank you for your continued prayer, we really need it ! Also pray for complete healing for my friend she went through horrible labor and then knowing it would be a csection - I have to believe she did all she could to try to get me there in time - my heart is filled with a love for her that no words could ever give justice - she gave us the most precious gift through our Father Above!


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