Hi all, thank you for following our Nicky ...... I would be a complete liar if my scananxiety wasn't at an all time HIGH! Nonetheless, Nicky remains symptom free for anything at all - so while I pray and try my best to trust God at all times I can look at him and it calms me. Well not always he has his normal I'm 3 and and I want everything NOW. Regardless of those meltdowns, he is talking so much more and its a great thing - just not always since he wants to tell us where we need to go which is I WANT TARGET etc... I am sure you can see my point.

I ask you to pray deeply that his MRI on Tuesday morning shows that whatever these odd radial changes have been that they are in fact completely gone! That he remains CANCER FREE and always will please. This scan so close to the twins coming is made this not doubt just a harder trip. I may have mentioned that typically our doctor finds us Tuesday or calls after with the results. Due to their concerns on the June 1 scan, we are going to ask that she not contact us until the entire team meets on Wednesday and he is completely reviewed by the Brain Tumor Board at St Jude which happens on Wednesday they meet Memphis time around 3pm-5:30-6pm their time so we should be getting a call after that meeting and yes when that number comes up of course its like a roller coaster whipping you mentally answering it. I am hoping that I can also over night the scan to Boston Tuesday so they can review him at 11:30am is when their board meets ... so Boston may get the scan in time or maybe not and we could hear from them before St Jude. We don't really know I am just praying to get them out before we fly back Tuesday night. So we wont even be in Memphis for the results. Its mentally so hard to have your doctor call and through guesses at you and once she does you never fully can erase the mental damage she's done the last few times.

So while Nickys had a good summer, there isn't a day that goes by that this pending date has messed with my head. Pray for us all to remain calm and let God fill us with peace because Nicky is in Gods Hands and always will be.


To My Lord,  Jesus touch our child with your healing hands daily and never allow any harm to come to Nicky again. Show your mercy to him and us as we wait and believe that You have healed him. Lord please bring us CURES .... In Jesus' perfect name AMEN


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