Long week since Tuesday's scan. I know many of you are praying and waiting to hear and update and yesterday after hearing nothing from our St Jude team, I called U of M and after 3 different departments kept switching me to different areas of the hospital the records department had no order to send the scan to St Jude. You can imagine that I was upset since we had been waiting all week and while in recovery the nurse confirmed that Jude was to get the reports and images.

So they are overnighting it on a friday which means they won't have it until Monday. Meanwhile the report was faxed to them and well I had it also faxed to us also. I feel confident to say there are no cancer concerns - which I was really disappointed that my doctor didn't call to at least tell us that. However the scan was to compare the inflammation from the previous scan to this scan and you can't compare an apple to an apple without seeing it so they haven't called and won't until they review both together. I wish I had more news but reports are interpretations of the images by a someone that has never seen Nicky's scans before so they may note things that Jude is aware of and may not see things the same way to compare and while I am breathing a bit better after reading the report, having knowledge of what I am actually reading helps but we need official news from our doctor - when we have it - you know I will update as soon as I can.  I am sorry some of you have been worried, imagine us still waiting officially.... so please keep praying and I will update soon.


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