This photo is of Bree with her Momma Kristin

I have met many families along my St Jude journey and there are some that I have encountered and I recall every detail. For the last few days I have been watching, praying and re-reading everything to make sure I didn't miss anything.  I can remember round 3 of chemo and being at e-clinic for an appointment and looking back - I see it all so differently ... I walked past a day one family with a 12 month old little girl and heard a St Jude employee say, "Welcome to St Jude," these words while I was walking in my typical circles waiting for our appointment numbed me ... it was the horrible signature hello we got 3 months before that. I quickly turned my stroller around and chased the family.... I just said, " Im so sorry your here... here is my number, I will look for you later." As you know for those who follow us .... I always thought buddying up families was great beacuse I met my dearest friend and sister that way, Nicole and her boy that changed my whole world ... Baby Wade. I felt like Jude needed a pairing system .... so I had met Rykens family the day before I met Brees ...they were a day apart in treatment .... it seemed like a perfect fit for two new families ....

How many times do you see God's Hands at work in the "BIG PICTURE"? I would say its rare ---- we live on a ride without control and yet God has control and our fatih is tested ... tonight .... wrestling with so many differenty circumstances .... my heart is so sad to tell you 5:39pm on April 1, 2012 our Bree that I have asked you all to follow and pray for is flying high in the arms of our Lord and Savior, Jesus .... she is with all the little ones we have lost along this journey this time I ask that you pray for her Momma Kristin in preparation of the days that follow in her absence. I ask that you pray for Susan her Gramma that has been by her daughters side every single step of the way. I ask that you pray for Bree's sister Zayla ... she loves her little sissy so very much. We love you Bree - Peace. Love. Bree.

In Lieu of Flowers or cards I ask that you please make a contribution to the family direct as they now have funeral expenses to cover.

This is the email address for paypal.



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