breehAs I told you I would be updating on Bree H. she had surgery today and she out of recovery and awake, I ask that you continue to pray. The surgeon believes he removed it all. Tomorrow she will have an MRI to confirm this. Please pray her recovery is smooth and deficit free! I also ask you to pray that her pathology remains desmoplastic instead of a more aggressive form of Medulloblastoma. Better yet - let this just be benign from treatment.

I am placing her website here so that you can follow her if you heart leads you to. I have never asked anyone on here to help an individual family. I always promote raising awareness and raising funds for research. Today is different, I have watched this single mother raising two precious girls on her own, with her mothers help. She and her mother both are fighting their own illnesses and yet they are back in Memphis in a surgical OR fighting for Bree's life. This family is struggling truly to save their home so they have something to go back to. While St Jude's does take care of treatment, neither one of these two care takers are able to work to provide any income during this process. Just when things were starting to turn around a bit, Bree's relapse came as a total gut blow to us all. They borrowed a car to get to Memphis not realizing they were not leaving there for the next 3-4 months.They are on waiting lists at Jude and with Habitat for Hope for housing right now. Imagine that? Your child is fighting for their life and you have no housing setup? While this may correct itself - right now they are spending money they do not have for a weekly apartment.

breetSo, this is the first time I really feel like if you have it - please, please give it. It doesn't matter if its only $5.00, or $10.00 I am listing Gamma's email that has a paypal account to it, any amount you can give to help them right now will work. You can even buy a Bree t-shirt if you want, but mainly its not about the shirts - its about helping this family be able to sustain having a home to go back to in 4 months when treatment is done. If someone deserves a contribution - it is this family. My Nicky is rocking a Bree -T Shirt while we pray that she will be healed and restored from surgery and the treatment process.This is the email address for paypal.


If you would like to help by check :::

Susan Guy
820 Berry Road
Boiling Springs, SC 29316
Attn: Bree
(Make donations payable to Susan Guy.)

The cost of the shirts $15 dollars /shirt and an additional $5 for shipping. If you would like to order one you can mail payment to their home address. PINK / NAVY / PURPLE email the address above, with color and size to order a shirt .. again the shirts are great but I rather just see you donate to help them.  GOD BLESS YOU IF YOU ARE ABLE .... PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS CHILD AND ALL THE KIDS FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIVES!


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