Ok cutting straight to the most important stuff first ..... MRI CLEAR !!!! Not only clear, no radial changes which means no dead brain tissue or  no highlighted spots of concern to watch - you have no idea what a blessing this is because it normally starts to show signs at this point. We are just so very blessed.  Now to go backwards a little bit. We landed safely into Memphis and the Grizzle House was packed, so they shipped uis back to Target House. It was a weird feeling to stay where we lived for the summer once again. On our way from the airport to St Jude a family was coming back for 10 year scans. WOW !!! It amazes me how God lines you up in the right place at a time when your trying so hard to not let fear take you down. I asked her Momma about  her diagnoses, she said ependymoma.  This is the exact same thing Baby Nicholas "HAD" .... she told us she was diagnosed at the age of 2 and that she had vocal cord paralyzes and hearing issues but overall, if I had not asked the Momma - I would never have guessed this was a child that ever had a brain tumor!  It was a blessing to meet them .... it gives the future so much hope ... which is why I know God placed us in the same shuttle ... HOPE.... God Bless you Emily! The pic below was right beforew the MRI ....

So Wednesday we started in triage with labs and check up. His ANC 600 and platelets 104 and Hgb (red Blood) 9.3 so all is fine and only 3 days left on this chemo before he has a week off. We had clearance visits and then off to the ABR (hearing test) Everything is stable ... another great sign.... PT eval was cancelled because he was sedated. I couldn't sleep at all knowing the scan was hours away.  So Thursday (today) was MRI day .. LP day ... and well ... as you know --- I started with those results first. (smile) We met more families and some that really need prayers,  Reese Coffin .... please pray for her ... Carrisa ( we met her living here but please pray for her) ...little Miss Bree ... Luca, Ashlan, Kylie, Nathan and Haley. Also for Ivey and Ehrren both at Le Bonhuer Hospital healing from surgery. Please keep praying for all the children here at St Jude and for Christian S. Scans next week.

Dear Lord... How humbled and grateful are we with this weeks results... please continue to heal our boy ... and get us home safely .... we ask that you watch over our new friends, old friends and friends we have never met at Jude ... Lord .. please please please this year --- please gift researchers with CURES.... We have been so blessed .... and now we can go home and be as normal as we can for another 12 weeks before we are back here doing this all over again.

A special blessing and thank you to all whom have donated and continue to in honor of our boy .... My husband and I both were so sad seeing so many new babies in the building ... so many new children to treat ,... it takes people like you to just give a little to help fund this research the end these diseases. We will be home hopefully tomorrow .... Thank you to everyone who has honestly prayed - and not saying they will but actaully closed their eyes and asked God to heal our son ... thank you ....


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