Day 28 of Proton...complete! Today is a big day and big week in the lives of the little people I know and follow from our protocol SJYC07 at St Jude ... I ask that you please pray for Megan P. (photo to the right) She has under gone numerous MRI's in the last month and a half and so I ask you all to pray for everything to be stable and well.

I also ask you to pray for another little girl named Avery C. (photo to the left) She has been placed on a new chemo regiment after a test last month revealed that the cancer was in your CSF... this week pray fervently that those cells are no longer existing!

Lastly I ask that you pray for our friend Christian S. who just got to St. Jude today for this follow-ups from finishing Proton radiation. so many children to pray for this week .... and please still pray for Lyssie and my little man Baby Nicholas ....

To follow any of these children's stories please go to the link above FRIENDS WE FOLLOW for their updates ....


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