Day 23 of Proton ...complete! I asked Steve the tech that works with the children here to take photos of Nicholas it the radiation gantry so that one day I can show him what he went through. By the mercy of God he will one day read this story just as you are - like a visitor that can not recall any of this horror. I pray that with my whole heart.

We met with Dr. Aldana (Our Neurosurgeon here) to remove the back left fiducial (screw ) after his last treatment since it isn't quite in properly. He agreed with me and said they would take it out before we go back to St. Jude. While there the doctor asked me if I get migraines, then asked if I had blurred vision. So then of course those questions were scarring me - he then said I am not trying to alarm you but your left pupil is much larger than your right. He then measured them and said they really are borderline and I need to see an eye doctor when I get home. I told him I am going to waste 5 hours googling this and he said I am not trying to make you worry but just get checked. Nice little addition to my stressed out life at the moment.


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