5215 Clarendon Crest St, Bloomfield Hills MI 48302 I keep getting this question and I am sad to, but my son died in my arms ... in our home. I am posting this because I met a woman that said all fire alarms would go off on fathers day, but meant for our friends daughters family and well - that clearly happened to us on fathers day. My son is actively there and I was sad to leave but my son was 4 1/2 he never hurt anyone he fought cancer like crazy and that was horrible and to lose him there was a sad reminder of humanity and the owner we dumped a ton of money into the property and it makes my heart sad we even covered a pool because nicky was deaf and we were so scared he wouldn't know better. So to people wondering about the property - 500 plus issues in the inspection imagine that with the price and with that my son died in my arms after 17 hours of UNREAL hell in the master bedroom. We moved and I found stuff out and I am not ok with people not telling you what happened ..... just because 4.5 years old in 2010 built - my sons death happened there and the inspection should be asked about this - because I know one day someone will look for why a little boy is running down the halls there trapped one foot in one foot out and likes to play with electricity and yes on fathers day ... all the alarms went off? Hi nicky I miss you ...... We literally lost our child while a flood happened and Realtors were asking to see this house that in reality is a high priced mess from hell - if my son didn't die there I wouldn't write this but he did and my son was very loud with electric and with playing games with lights and light bulbs, not the normal - more like they went blue and odd - but I never was scared he was there ..... my NickyBear was always there he pointed to one light the room next to the master .... his energy was strong there and between the rooms .... the next owner I know will see these issues - just know Nicky is a sweet 4 1/2 year old not evil .... after moving having to hunt a story down I found it important to tell this and allow it to be public as his story always was.


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