So I have not wrote since the whole surgery - well lets go backwards - the surgery for the shunt happened on March 13, 2013 at somewhere around 11am or later - an emergency case, its by age took our 7am spot - people asked aren't you angry and I said it stinks but how could I be mad - my son was 8 months old when he needed his first surgery - so no, I can't be upset of the priority of it. I got the BEST Mommma TT in Memphis that gave our Nicky VIP at LB the best she could - best advocate and nurse on the planet - no doubt what a tough calling, but she is a wonderful woman and I am so grateful for her extra love and care for Nicky!

So lets talk about after surgery we had a hiccup - his twilght drugs messed with him he was horrible, in a horror waking up and ripping the IV out like I warned them he would be..... yes, Momma knows her bear ... so we went through the 35-45 minutes of dilirum and he passed out in dads arms.This photo was right after surgery. Dr. Boop told us that he had more fluid build up than expected and he believed this is the fix our Nicky needed.

He was a trooper and was fine upon waking and well we had a few more bumps - but he released the next morning. It was a tough reality sleeping in a hospital bed with him smashed between us in a fold out chair but its done and we made it home and he is HEALING ,.....even hiccups with that but all seems fine - I just took out the rest of his stitches last  night which reminded me to post ! The distint smell of the glue and stitch dissolving REMOVE is what is is called is a smell I haven't missed with line changes or removing his dressings for lines. Went two years without noticing the smell. This time it bothered me - Easter is a sobbering reminder of "NORMAL" it was the last memory of normal I have for many of my dear friends I met through this journey. The photo below was taken the following morning upon being released from Le Bonheur Children's Hospital.

So Yes pray he heals - pray hes cured .... pray for our parents that lost children ( see my priorities are right too! ) then the ones holding on...... the ones that have to make horrible choices .... I just want cures, they can't happen fast enough I want this shunt to fix the radial changes and syrinx and allow him to heal because hes doing so well!

I need to ask you to pray for Baby El K.'s family - he turned 1 in Jan and he passed away recently  .... makes my hear hurt  and break all at once, I am also so sad it has been a year since Bree H. was here April 1 marked that date - pray for her family - prayers for Hallie C. whom I believe is in Memphis and possibly had surgery recently and is also starting radiation - either way .... there are so many to pray for let these babies fall off your lips while you read this and let God touch them. And prayers for a new child Ellie as she starts treatment ....watching so many children, is a test everyay and I wonder what my grade is with God - sometimes I fail and sometimes I can ace it but its tough so please during this Easter and Spring time ... hold my boy and these sweet babies up. Below photo was taken on Easter Day.

I also want to say I am so sorry that I haven't updated but I got a new computer and havent figured it out just yet. We moved and well its been 4 full blown weeks of moving and packing etc. I wrote most of that update 2 weeks ago but I am just updating it now.  Nicky will scan locally at U of M in the middle of May here to make sure this shunt is doing all we pray it is suppose to. Please pray it does!

This photo was during the move - its tiring lol ... Lord Jesus watch over our boy and our family keep healing Nicky daily and bring cures Father ....


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