Ok, so Nicky is NED - no evidence of disease. However, the areas of concern and inflammation have gotten worse and everyone agrees that a shunt needs to be placed. While Nicky is doing amazing, and that's a great thing that he has no symptoms - if we keep waiting to do something the onset of symptoms could be quick and scary. So we will meet with his Neurosurgeon tomorrow to consult but that is the plan. While we aren't excited about the shunt or any procedure, it will be done quickly. He is scheduled at 7:00am Wednesday, March 13 for this surgery. It is a quick procedure and thankfully a quick recovery only keeping us in the hospital for Wednesday night and able to leave Thursday, however not recommended that we rush home so we will come back Friday morning. I am sure some of you are just as unhappy with this news as we were two months ago, but the picture is clearer he does need this and well we are ok with whatever helps our little guy. He got his hearing aids today, he tolerated them well and was funny talking and hearing himself. Aside from these bumps in our own journey - it's ok because our son is cancer free and remains so. So we take each day as it comes and we are privileged that God gave us our Nicky and we pray this procedure will aid his healing process. It was by no mistake God chose us for you! So, again I will say - thank you Lord for each day - it is a gift. Please watch over our Nicky this week as he gets this procedure done. Please pray this goes smoothly for us all.


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