Anna Rose earned her wings on Feb 19, 2012 at age 2 she fought so hard for over a year from a brain tumor called ATRT.

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In Loving Memory of Anna Rose

This is one of the first times I sat in front of a computer key board and just starred .... All day trying to compose myself, to look uneffected.... I was shocked at the responses from people I love .... the first one I will never forget .... it was such a selfish comment. I won't name names .... they know who they are, the first was a call that caught me off guard while I was visibly in complete shock after reading post from Anna Rose's Daddy that she earned her wings early Sunday,  2/19/2012. I knew it was happening, but even when I know the pain is no less. Did I pray differently because I knew it wasn't good - "NO!!!!" I wouldn't want someone to pray differently for my son .... so after the call when they clearly didn't take notice to my upset voice, because they were too about themselves to notice I was upset.... I text them and said, sorry you caught me off guard ... Anna Rose earned her wings this morning. Their response ::: "Yup I'm sure lots of people earned their wings today ( smiliey face) and it happens every day. People we don't even know die for our freedom! God Bless them all. Love have a Blessed Day.

feb2012newI honestly couldn't believe what I just read .... this is someone that is close in my personal camp, someone that was not there when I needed them most - but told me they regreted it. My response ::: People that die for our freedom had a choice to be HEROS - these babies have no choice :(

I am grateful for my armed forces, for fire fighters, cops and the people that choose to get on the front line for us. I mean no disrespect, but to say that to me - a mother of a child who didn't enroll in a superhero voyage, I never got the choice to put my son through hell with chemo and radiation .... was just a horrible, SELFISH comment on their part, and as I keep telling that person they have no clue .... they made it clear they have no clue.

The second blow came again from someone close," there will always be a child dying ... another doing bad" .... NOT TO ME .... these children I love are personal ----- they each have a part of my heart .... I love them and I feel so sorry for the ignorance of others and pray that God allows them to learn through us still because I would never want them to endure this way of life. I am grateful for each child that the Lord has brought into my path so I ask for you to pray for Anna Roses Family and Friends that miss her and will continue to miss her all the days of their life. 

Please Pray for Brees LP today to be clear of cancer cells - Pray for our Nickys cold to go away so we can get this MRI over with and with CLEAN SCANS... I wanted to Share Anna Rose with you .... this is something I will never get use to, I hope and pray you don't either .... pray for CURES ....

TKendal3o the left is One of NickyBears finest Guardian Angels, Kendal Lividini ... Kendal is my husbands dear friends daughter that lost her fight to AML Luekemia Jan 7, 2011. We know that Kendal is watching over Nicky because she prayed her heart out for him, despite her own illness. Kendal, if you can see this ... we miss you and are so grateful for the love you had for a little boy in Memphis just beginning this journey. We believe you will always be watching over him.... I also placed the Orange ribbon on your photo, because this month, February is Luekemia awareness month.  May God bring CURES.

I will leave you with this photo taken yesterday of Nicky ... please be mindful of the things you say to others. Be Kind to every one Always ... God Bless... and thank you for your continued support and prayers.



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