I planned to email out the previous update below, until I got a phone call that stopped me in my tracks. I needed to wait until the family was ready to publicly tell everyone and so the post below this one is a bit delayed in reaching you all.

Baby Evan earned his Angel wings on Saturday 1/21/12 just two days after his first birthday. I ask you all to pray for his family and friends in the coming, days, weeks and months to come.  While our minds know that he is home with our Lord, our human hearts long for him to be here in his Momma's arms and to see him grow up. I ache for every family that has endured such an immesurable loss, yet in the cancer community I can't even count how many children I have witnessed earn wings far too soon.

What I have learned is that some typical quotes with childhood cancer will simply never apply. God only gives you what you can handle is a tough one to hear while a mother holds her only child for the last time in this earthly life.  Don't get me wrong, my faith remains centered and it gives me the strength to keep moving, praying and doing all I can to help other families effected by these diseases.  There is never the right words to comfort a grieving parent. While if you believe in God, we do truly know there is no greater healing than to be present with the Lord, fully restored. It is again the battle of the human heart and our expectations of wanting them healed in their earthly life and their earthly bodies that hurts to read on blog after blog that a child is now healed, in my mind I think yes ... they are ... but not here and I weep. I cry for the families that are left broken over this loss - the magnitude of love for a child has no boundaries, nor any limits ... our hearts long for them to live and grow up healthy and well. Here is Baby Evan's site http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/evan011911

Last night I got a panic text from a dear friend of mine Ginny, little David is the same age as Nicky and their stories are almost exactly the same. David was diagnosed a month earlier than Nicky with the same diagnoses and their treatment was almost the same and their birthdays only 2 days apart. We met in the beginning and having such similar stories, we bonded quickly. David was rushed to ER last night, after bath time he suffered a short stroke. No neurological issues, thank you Lord. I ask that you pray for him while the doctors figure out their plan of action right now. This is David to the right. I ask you all to please pray for peace for his parents while they wait for answers.

If you haven't taken the time to read the post below - I encourage you to. I updated you on all the children from my protocol.

God Bless you all ... Praying for CURES .... !!!!


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