First things first, NED ( NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE) people - God has shown us his confirmation of the blessing that occurred May 24, 2010 when God made Nicky CANCER FREE! I was doing ok today but the day started early, 6am to get him ready for 7:15am labs and clearance. Normally you all know we get results quick, after a 9am MRI and recovery at 12:00pm .... the wait started. Our Doctor told us if she could not contact us by 3pm she would be in a meetting until 5pm and call after. So the clock went past 3pm and we thought ok 5pm then ... 6pm went by nothing ... 7pm went by ... nothing ... I want to personally thank Pastor David for this Sundays service where he said that GOD WANTS TO COME IN LAST MINUTE AND SAVE THE DAY so to speak ..... waiting last minute is stressful when you are prepared mentally for a call hours ago. Our doctor had an emergency and called and said everything looks great ...So relieved ... so blessed and so happy to go home tomorrow to decorate that empty Christmas Tree! It was waiting for this news with us ....

So many kids are here .. please pray for our ultrasound on Nickys kidneys, the doctors don't seem worried but they are still picking up contrast. We will be flying home tomorrow afternoon and another 3 month countdown to St Jude begins!!! It was a long day my phone has never blown up like this with so many people worried .... we so felt you love while we too were starting to get worried as the time went by .... BUT ALL IS WELL .....


Pray for Brodys scan tomorrow, for Averys scan tomorrow for Reeses on Friday ... Kylies tomorrow ..... wow too many to name ... please say some prayers for great scan for all and for Campbell getting todays results tomorrow.

THANK YOU ALL FOR LOVING US AND YOUR RELENTLESS CONCERN ... all the texts, you worried for us ... : ) We love you !!!!



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