So much to say, I seem to barely have time to write lately. So first things first .... we are still trying to figure out our St Jude stay because since we removed Nickys feeding tube 5 months ago, it simply will not close on its own as expected. That means another surgery for our little guy and while I am not happy about it, it will be closed properly and it will heal now so this is a good thing. 5 months of wound care is no fun at all, for him or for us - so we not only need your prayers for his MRI, but that this procedure is QUICK and HEALS fast! With the holidays approaching so quickly, I find myself getting anxiety to a totally different level when I see Christmas decorations in all the stores with this looming test in my every thought. I just want great results so we can have a great holiday season! Our Heavenly Father has His hands on our boy standing it faith on that!


So Halloween Christian and Nick love to make the house SPOOKY ... lol all down our long driveway were tiki torches and gates with webs with strobe lights and sound effects... the kids loved it.  Christian and I did our annual carving of the pumpkins and I did one for NickyBear, though I won't lie it was almost just NICKY because it hurt so much to carve the pumpkin. Christian did his this year without any help from me with the double ghosts and the paper ones he won a school contest with. Christian is extremely talented and crreative.


Nicky would have nothing to do with putting on a costume, however I am still determined to get him in it while sleeping for at least a photo LOL. Nicky and I went to Rose Cancer Center for his port flush last week and he did great. It's either he doesn't care or he's going to scream the whole time and thankfully we got through both monthly flushes with no problems. Below is a photo taken in the lobby there, its really kid friendly so it helps when we need to wait.


bdaymomSo the 4 of us went to eat at ECC for my birthday and it was a rushed dinner, but it didn't matter to me as long as I have my boys that's all that matters to me.  Thank you all for all the numerous Birthday wishes of FaceBook ... like I will always say ... you already know what this Momma wishes for every single day of my life and always will.

The following night Nick and I got to grab dinner alone and it was again quick but we got a little bit of time alone. Thank you Auntie Kimmy!!! What would we do without you!

On a different note because I always try to update you on the kids I ask you to pray for, Megan P. scan was NED (no evidence of disease), Seth B. and Ian M. too both NED as well as KK with a big fat NED thank you Lord  .... Luca P. may need another surgery - so please keep him in your prayers and Arianna's scan came back and the tumor had shrunk - nothing short of a TRUE MIRACLE.  Colin needed to reschedule so no news there. I ask you to continue to pray for Luca  and Arianna .... all the kids even with NED scans that they remain so. Another new Momma found her way to me and she is a 22 month old named Hallie A. please keep her in your prayers as their journey on SJYC07 protocol just begins. Ryan D. scanned today I believe and Christian S. is a week after us .... all these kids need to be lifted up with our Nicky in prayer PLEASE.


I can't tell you enough what your prayers mean to us and they continue to strengthen us. We can't imagine this journey without your love, prayers and support ... the Lord took us down this path for a reason and as we continue to find comfort in the Lord, I will always do all I can to help another family .... this is no doubt part of my mission and ministry in life, and as painful as it may be at times to love these children I am reminded that God so loved the world .... that he gave his ONLY son .... for us .... I am reminded this Holiday season what a true blessing each day is, I hope you all see that too.


pimSo while you shop and rush to put up trees and decorate and spent time wrapping presents and standing in lines to purchase gifts .... think of just one way you can do something to help someone else.  Whether it be a donation, a walk  or doing something for your church .... find someone that needs help and help them ..... it is the GREATEST gift you will ever give yourself.

Dear Lord,

This new year approaching I ask relentlessly request that you gift talented Christ loving researcher with CURES, I beg you to bring healing to not only the children suffering life threatening illnesses but all people of all ages .... I ask you to renew the hearts of anyone reading our posts and that they will be inspired by doing good deeds for others. I have faith in you Lord, my provider, my great physician and strength ... Please hear my prayers and keep Nicky CANCER FREE .... !!!

PS .... Meet Owen and Oliver they are sold this year at J.B. Robinson Jewelers, Gymboree and Kay Jewelers.  Each Bear sells for $12.99 and the profits go to St. Jude Children's Research hospital. So Give the gift of a CURE!!!! God Bless and please please pray for NickyBear's scan Nov 30!!!!



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